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The NTG Difference

Working with NTG gives you access to a team of highly experienced engineers. We offer a personalised, boutique consultancy experience, generating creative solutions for overcoming the many technical challenges of the modern office.

The NTG experience means:

  • Personal support: We invest in getting to know our clients and giving them the best outcomes in the most optimal timeframe.
  • Open communication: Our clients know exactly what they're getting, and why
  • Customised solutions: We give our clients a full range of software and storage options, and recommend the best modes of delivery
  • Reliability: We maintain technical consistency and provide outstanding technical support

Our clients benefit from an extended support team at NTG. This means:

  • Increased flexibility: The ability to scale a team of experts to meet specific project needs
  • Effective deadline delivery: Even if the scope of a project grows, our clients have access to our trusted pool of niche experts to ensure on time delivery
  • Greater resources: Clients tap into an extended brains trust, allowing for cutting edge solutions from a wide range of expert consultants

95% of our new and repeat business is gained by referral from existing clients. We confidently stake our reputation on complete transparency with all our clients and partners, and an ongoing commitment to their business needs.