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NTG Webinars On Demand

NTG webinars are support presentations produced in-house by our team. This knowledge-sharing is part of our committment to working with SMBs, to whom we'd love to offer some useful, thought-provoking content.

Our staff members are excited to be sharing their insights with you via Prezi. Just press play on any of the presentations below, and you can control your viewing experience by cicking on the arrows to progress to the next slide. Be sure to turn on your sound!

Social Media: From One Small Business to Another

This webinar comes to you from the Social Media department of NTG. We know business owners have already endured enough Social Media 101 presentations, so we try not to linger on the why, but rather skip straight to outlining practical strategies for building up an online presence. The presentation is structured around NTG's own experiences with social media as an SMB.

Miranda and Michelle are the Social Media Marketing team at NTG. They're digital media natives who have been blogging, tweeting, and geeking out about social media for about six years.

Coming soon.