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Resourcing & Staff Augmentation

If you have a hot project or require skills that you don’t have in house, NTG can help you to get it done.

NTG possesses expertise and capabilities built on experience with a select number of vendors and technologies, delivered by highly skilled consultants. NTG vendors, technologies and people are chosen for their suitability to you and your business.

That’s what we do:

  • Temporary seconded resources
  • Supported contract resources
  • Permanent staff placement
  • On-site or remote
  • BAU activities
  • Specific projects

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Relocation Support

NTG provides a wide range of services to support facility relocation. From relocation planning to new site commissioning, we ensure the relocation process is completed quickly and efficiently.

That’s what we do:

  • Relocation planning
  • Equipment and server relocation
  • New site commissioning

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NTG assists our clients to get the best cost-effective benefits from hardware and software procurement. 

Contact us for more details in how we can help you with:

  • Hardware and software procurement
  • License management

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Disaster Recovery

Is your company prepared in case of destruction of data?

One of the biggest threats to a business development is loss, theft, or destruction of data that can happen after a natural or human-induced disaster.

No company is risk-free, and that’s why NTG offers a package of strategies and solutions focussed on making the process of data recovery faster and more efficient. It includes:

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Shared disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery space for up to 15 users

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