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Today's organisations are demanding high-speed data protection for complex and resource-intensive data such as image, audio, and video files—as well as for large databases. In addition, the amount of data stored on distributed servers is increasing constantly, while backup windows continue to shrink. This trend has resulted in complex multiple server environments with low scalability, high administrative costs, and insufficient protection. To overcome these issues, NTG can add value to your organisation using storage management solution that provides:

  • Fast backup speeds that match the allotted backup window without adversely affecting network band-width.
  • Flexibility to connect and share remote devices and servers.
  • Improved scalability to expand the storage infrastructure without rebuilding.
  • Interoperability between disparate systems.

In addition, using SAN storage sharing can provide total cost of ownership benefits such as:

  • Minimised down time
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Leveraging of existing hardware
  • Improved fault tolerance
  • Maximised storage resources through load balancing.

A number of our banking clients now have shared offshore and in-house resources jointly working on projects in a secure
environment saving up to 75% on development costs.

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