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Mobility and Application Delivery

In 2013, it’s all about dealing with the mobility and BYOD wave and getting the applications out there wirelessly, securely and quickly! 

At the moment many IT departments simply cannot keep up with the demand from their business stakeholders and are highly concerned about security and administrative overhead.

At NTG we believe that traditional wireless solutions and application distribution approaches simply can’t keep up with the demands from the business and its time to take a fresh approach.

The NTG turn-key mobility solution from Enterasys and Citrix will get you on the fast track to simple, secure and controlled access to yur critical business applications, wired or wirelessly from anywhere.  And it is even s available as a monthly service with no up front cost for implementation if you choose.

We have a compelling solution set that works with your existing security and wireless infrastructure and Mobile Device Management tools that we can demonstrate live on your site in around 90 minutes.

Call today to arrange a no obligation briefing for your team.  The 90 minutes will be well invested and  it will change the way you think about what’s possible and just how simple it can be.