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Actuaries Institute

Project: Actuaries Institute
Location: Sydney, NSW


The Actuaries Institute approached NTG with a number of concerns and challenges they were facing in the IT area, with a view to potentially changing their existing supplier.  These can be summarised under the following categories:

  • Reduction of risk to the business in the event of an outage.
  • To get better visibility of what they were spending their money on and why.
  • Maximising their IT budget to best possible effect.
  • Complimenting the limited number of internal resources.
  • Ensuring they had the best possible advice for the organisation’s IT roadmap.



After and extensive and collaborative requirements gathering process we addressed Actuaries brief as follows:

  • Equipment upgraded to ensure no ‘single point of failure’ and moved to a secure co-lo Data Centre.  A dedicated Fibre link to connect the office and Data Centre, an overarching Disaster Recovery plan to cover people, equipment, data integrity and a mutually agreed acceptable outage window if there were a significant event.
  • Provision of a fixed cost monthly fee to maintain the infrastructure environment.
  • We provide monthly reporting, establishing process & procedures and the correct communication channels, asset management, systems monitoring, to name a few.
  • Taking on the daily care and feeding of their infrastructure (including all the boring daily checks etc) to allow Actuaries to proactively focus on how IT will compliment the business requirements and direction.
  • Identifying problem areas.  Providing the latest technology advice and recommendations to ensure their IT budget is spent in the most productive way.



In summary the results we delivery to Actuaries was:

  • Systems were migrated over a W/E to the Data Centre and everybody was working on Monday morning with no business down time.
  • Much happier users.
  • The organization is now risk compliant.
  • Reduction of IT costs.
  • Actuaries management team are now focused on their business growth.
  • Technology recommendations to provide enhanced security and higher productivity have been adopted .