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4 Uses for Your Old Computer

b2ap3_thumbnail_ComputerRecycle400.jpgWe talk a lot about new computers. We enjoy giving advice on what new features to shop for, therefore it only makes sense that we also give advice on what to do with your old machines. Don't banish your old friend to the trash heap; here are 4 good uses for your old computer.

Donate It
If there is still some life left in your old machine, then someone out there will find it useful. Whether it is a friend, a family member, or a not for profit community group, it should not be too difficult to find a home for a functioning PC where it will be watered, fed, and properly cared for. Many Eastern Austrailia not for profit organizations will give your business a receipt for your donation that you can use for your taxes. This will also make a great story for your company newsletter and give you that warm feeling that comes when doing a charitable act.

Before you pass on your old PC to a new family with a big yard, be sure to first wipe the hard drive clean of all company data. You may trust the person or group that you are donating it to, but that does not mean that another person with ill intentions won't get their hands on it and search for old passwords and files. Simply deleting your files isn't enough, there is software available that can easily recover deleted data. Wiping hard drives is a service that National Technologies Group provides, and we can also add a few inexpensive updates, like swapping out the hard drive or reinstalling Windows, in order to make sure that what you are giving away is not a complete lemon.

Use it as an NAS Solution
An old computer still has all the components needed to be used as a functional NAS device for your network. With a little modification, you can use your old PC to store files, especially large media files that may take up too much space on your server. You can also configure your old PC as a dedicated print server for your office, or use it to host applications. There are many more network uses for old computers, give National Technologies Group a call at +61295186000 to learn more and have us set it up for you.

Cycle it Down
Maybe 4 years ago the computer was top-of-the line and able to handle every task in the departments that needed high performance PCs, but just because the computer's glory days are behind it, doesn't mean that it is useless. It can still be a good tool for your company if you cycle it down to another department. Perhaps there is another department that does not need a high performance machine; for a department like this, perhaps an old machine to you would be an upgrade to them.

Cannibalize and Scrap It
Just because your old computer may lack the performance that you need to get your work done, does not mean that every piece of hardware inside the case is no good. PC components like disk drives, sound cards, fans, and more, can be removed and added to a new computer. You can even get a few dollars out of what remains by selling the empty hull as scrap metal.

Computers are amazing machines that can be recycled and reused in a variety of ways. For more helpful tips on what you can do with your old computer, give National Technologies Group a call at +61295186000, and remember, obsolescence is just a lack of imagination.


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Saturday, 02 July 2022
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