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5 Essential Security Measures for Every Network

b2ap3_thumbnail_NetworkLock400.jpgYour IT network is complicated, but that doesn't mean you should question your network's security. For your convenience, we have simplified network security into the five most important precautions that every network needs. Be sure to review this checklist against your own network to see how well you are covered.

Secure Network Access
With network security, it all begins with who can and cannot access your network. Having a network access control solution configured to only allow trusted employees to access your network will keep outsiders from logging on and having free range with your company's files. With proper setup, you can even configure your network so that employees and customers can have access with their mobile devices while allowing different levels of access to different users.

Upgrade to UTM
The Unified Threat Management solution covers many different aspects of network security, including network access. UTM secures a network by acting as a doorway that filters all users and data through your network infrastructure. "Unified" means that it covers multiple security risks in one easy solution. UTM covers many different security measures like antivirus, intrusion prevention, spam protection, and more.

Secure Your E-mail
E-mails that are filled with malware bombard your inbox every day. You need an e-mail solution that will handle all cyber-threats. It is essential that your e-mail security is updated regularly in order to handle the latest risks. Equal attention needs to be paid to outgoing messages. Sending sensitive e-mails over an unsecured network can lead to your messages being stolen. Certain businesses may need a form of encryption attached to their e-mail system. Encryption will scramble your message so that if a hacker does get ahold of it, then it will be impossible for them to glean any information that makes any sense.

Backup Your Data
It is essential that your network's data is constantly being backed up--as opposed to only backing it up periodically. By quickly recovering your lost data, a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution will not only protect your network from any cyber-attacks that make it past your firewall, but it will also cover you in case a real fire (or any disaster) makes it past your real wall.

Keep Everything Updated
If you don't practice timely updates, then your network will be vulnerable to more and more threats as time passes. Every piece of your network that touches on security, both software and firmware, needs to be kept up-to-date. This includes installing security patches and making sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date on every piece of hardware, including servers, workstations, laptops, networking components, and even mobile devices.

If you are unsure about how secure your network is, then call National Technologies Group at +61295186000. We will go in with our network discovery tools and take inventory on your network's security status. Since network security is a vital variable in the sustained continuity of your business, we offer the diagnostic for free. We at National Technologies Group will point out any and all of your networks vulnerabilities, and then go over your security solutions like UTM, e-mail encryption, BDR, managed IT services, and more. Call National Technologies Group and let us take every security precaution possible to protect your company's precious data!


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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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