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National Technologies Group has been serving the Sydney area since 1994, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Grow Your Business With Money Saved from Cloud Services

b2ap3_thumbnail_CloudServices400.jpgCloud computing offers businesses several advantages over a traditional IT infrastructure. Many of these advantages are technical, like having the ability to access your data from anywhere on any device, but there are also financial savings to be found in the cloud that can be used to grow your business.

Cloud computing is an economical way for your business to take care of its IT needs. Whether you are taking advantage of the cloud to back up your network in case of a disaster, or you are using the cloud to host the applications that you run your business with, because these cloud features are part of a subscription service, your company will see savings.

A cloud service that you subscribe to is an expense that can be budgeted around; and because it is a monthly expense, your IT service can now be budgeted as an operating expense. With a traditional IT infrastructure, you have to drop some serious cash every time the need presents itself to upgrade. Buying new equipment in this manner makes technology a capital expenditure for your business (CAPEX vs. OPEX). Using capital expenses to budget for IT needs is difficult; whenever a need presents itself, you either have the money in the budget or you don't.

The more IT services that you can move over to the operating expense column of your ledger, the more money that you will have freed up for other priorities. There are many businesses that take advantage of this extra money freed up in their budget and reinvest it areas that will grow their business like innovation and staffing.

A recent study by hosting company Rackspace and Manchester Business School, has found that 58% of businesses surveyed were able to reduce their IT cost by replacing their in-house hardware with cloud services. The same study found that half of the companies that were saving money by using cloud services, where taking the savings and reinvesting it to grow their business by funding a product or a service, and 15% of the respondents were using the savings to create new positions.

Every business owner has a special project they have been daydreaming about, or a staff opening that they really want filled. The cloud presents business owners with a way to fund their plans for growth. Not only will the cloud bring consistency and savings to a company's budget, but the cloud also provides organizations the opportunity to significantly upgrade the capabilities of their IT infrastructure, all at a fraction of the cost in terms of paying for equipment upfront or hiring a specialist. A business that has increased technological capabilities will now be able to expand its reach, get more work done, compete with larger companies, and ultimately become more profitable.

As great as the cloud is for business, it is only one example of the different ways that National Technologies Group can save your company money by providing you with technology a service that you can budget around. Other examples of IT services that you can subscribe to include, Help Desk IT Support, remote monitoring and maintenance, backup disaster and recovery service, and much more. Call National Technologies Group at +61295186000, we will be happy walk you through our products and IT services and show you all the different ways that they can be utilized in order to free up capital so that you can reinvest the savings toward the growth of your business.


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Saturday, 26 September 2020
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