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VPN: A Very Practical Networking Option

b2ap3_thumbnail_VPNIcon400.jpgSetting up your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great way to securely connect your computer or device to a network for sharing files and other resources. Unlike an office network infrastructure with servers, switches, and cables, VPNs offer a way to easily network computers using the Internet. Here are 4 situations where a VPN could come in handy.

VPN Easily Connects Personal Devices to Your Network
One reason that you would want to maintain a VPN for your business is to give employees an easy way to access company files, applications, and network devices like printers. One situation where VPN makes networking easy for everybody is when it comes to Bring Your Own Device. BYOD is a popular business trend where people are bringing in their own mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to get work done. Having a VPN network setup for this very purpose is a great way to encourage BYOD, which will make workers more productive and save you money.

You can also be confident with the security provided by VPN. The devices and computers that connect to VPN networks do so through encrypted tunnels. This encryption allows for your files to not be viewed by strangers over the Internet.

VPN Connects Multiple Networks
VPN can also be used to securely connect multiple networks. If you have a business with multiple offices (or have plans to expand), then each location will likely have its own network and VPN is the best way to securely connect your empire. You can also use VPN to connect your home network with your office network and any other network that you need to share information over.

VPN Provides a Secure Wi-Fi Connection
Because VPN encrypts your data, using a VPN to logon to a public Wi-Fi hotspot is a smart move. The VPN encryption prevents any would-be hacker from viewing your browsing activity and snatching your passwords.

VPN Circumvents Geoblocking
While using VPN to browse the Internet, you can also take advantage of the geoblocking workaround that VPN provides. Whenever you use VPN to browse the Internet, your location will not be reported. This geography anonymity will allow you to view websites that you might be otherwise restricted to, like entertainment websites with content exclusive to a particular country.

Creating your own VPN is a fairly straightforward procedure since VPN software is built into Windows. These VPN settings in Windows work well when connecting one computer to a network, but if you are looking to do something a little bigger like connect two major networks together, then you will want to consider installing standalone VPN server software.

National Technologies Group can help set up your business with its own VPN network. Give us a call at +61295186000 and we will assess the needs of your company and recommend which networking protocol is right for you, as well as provide you with a VPN router to give your business a more powerful VPN with more networking options.


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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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