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Back to the future UCS and VMFex

cisco-200x106.jpgUCS has fundamentally changed the way people will deploy and manage compute and networks.  One key innovation is the VMFex.  For now, the VMFex is compatible with vSphere and KMS.  Support for Hyper-V is just around the corner, though for this discussion we’ll take a VMware centric view.

We have been planning a few large high density virtual desktop deployments lately for some banks and had to think carefully about how to scalability manage the networking. During the process we crystallised our thoughts around where and why Cisco are heading with FEX ports and we like the look of where its heading – its very elegant. It’s a long post but hang in there, there is lot of background that is important

Before we look at how UCS and VMFex is changing the way we look at networks, it’s worth looking back and reminding ourselves how virtualisation changed the network when VMware took over the data centre.

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SRM Are you ready for the boot storm?

SRM-disaster.jpgOn the surface VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is heaven sent bringing the promise of taking your servers running in production and getting them back up in a DR site in a mostly automated way. SRM does deliver on this promise but as we see all to often, it’s not as easy as it looks and some thoughtful planning is a must. This blog is about some key considerations you should make if, like most people, you have different subnets in use at your DR site and you are using SRM to change the IP address of your severs during failover.

DR sites are commonly using kit that has other primary uses, or is older, re-used ex-production kit.  Typically, your DR site is going to offer lower performance.  This is key for storage.  While most companies are willing to take a performance and productivity hit in DR, recovery time objectives (RTO) are typically something that they aren’t willing to miss – when every hour of downtime costs money, getting those systems back online is critical.  When you have low performance available from the storage, managing the load an SRM failover generates is key to having a successful recovery.

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Welcome to NTGblog!

National Technologies Group launches NTGblog, a place to share information about the market, trends and, of course, our knowledge and experience accumulated during these 19 years in the field.

The idea is to gather our clients, partners, vendors and everyone else interested in an environment open to discuss technology. In this way, you will know us better and we will learn from you!

You can expect to read high quality articles written by our IT specialists. It will be about virtualizations, enterprise storage, data management and protection, infrastructure solutions, network system to mention a few.

And NTGblog is just one of the many actions aiming to develop closer relationship with you all. We are also active on Facebook, Twiiter, and Linked In. Take a minute and find us there!

Become part of this community and enjoy!

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